'Love & Hip Hop' Star Mendeecees Pleads Guilty, Faces '5 to 40' Years For Drug Trafficking

'Love & Hip Hop' couple Mendeecees Harris and Yandy Smith might be honeymooning in a federal prison...because the groom just plead guilty to running a drug ring in upstate NY. 

Harris struck a plea deal in the case, and will now face 5 to 40 years in the federal pen, and/or a fine of $5 million. The feds nailed him for a drug trafficking operation that shipped cocaine and heroin to Rochester for 7 years. 

Harris will remain free on bail until his sentencing in August -- good thing for him ... since he and Yandy are getting married next month on "Love & Hip Hop Live: The Wedding." By the way, he also has to surrender all his paychecks from 'LHH.' 

The only good news for Yandy -- when her hubby gets locked up ... she'll get back most of the $200k she put up for bail.


Husband shoots dead wife and another man after finding them together in a hotel room …before turning gun on himself

The York County Coroner’s Office says 35-year-old Donnell Graham fatally shot his wife, Shaquana Graham and another man in a room at the Quality Inn in Springettsbury Township.



Dizaster & Billy Boondocks Fight At Rap Battle #kotd #urltv

Cuban Kim Kardashian

Kathy Ferreiro, dubbed the “Cuban Kim Kardashian” by Miami’s fashion set, makes her case for the big beautiful booty crown on an almost daily basis via her nearly not-suitable-for-work Instagram account.

From white tights to barely-there bikinis, the 21-year-old curvy Cuban cutie presents her impressive derrière from every possible angle.

And despite what her critics say, Ferreiro is adamant that her curves are 100 percent natural and that her photos are untouched by Photoshop.


10k A Month! WTF!?!?

Natasha Brown is a 27-year-old woman from Baton Rouge Louisiana that was recently pulled over by police for speeding. When police stopped her they discovered that her behavior was not normal. So they decided to search her vehicle and discovered that she was carrying $60,000.00 dollars in cash. They asked her why was she carrying such a large amount of cash? Police then questioned her about her employment.

When she told them she was not working, her explanation was even more bizarre. She said “I have at least 54 current boyfriends and after 3 weeks of unprotected s*x I tell them i’m pregnant and not ready for a baby I then ask them for abortion money.” She told investigators she picks the ones that just got paid and usually get $400-$500 from each boyfriend. She also said “I been earning over $10,000 a month doing this I don’t get tired.”

Investigators called 2 of her current boyfriends and they had no clue she was playing them. 28-year-old Jamal Jones said he gave her the money because “He didn’t want no kid with her because she had a thotty reputation” but that he still loved her.


Drama: Nicki Meek Engagement

Meek Mill responded to Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend, Bad Medina, after she shared a photo of a ring quite similar to Nicki's.

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's rumored engagement was the hot topic yesterday, but it seems it wasn't all positivity that came out of the announcement. Shortly after Nicki unveiled her heart-shaped diamond ring, Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend who goes by Bad Medina, shared a photo of herself with a similar ring, captioning the pic, "like no other".

Meek Mill soon got word of the post, and read it as shade, replying directly by criticizing Medina for not having her own money, adding "b lucky Mayweather excepted Ya bum ass!".

That moment you realize......

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Five Dead in Apparent Family Dispute in Arizona

Five relatives were found dead in an Arizona home Thursday as the result of an apparent family dispute, the AP reports.

Authorities say three men and two women have been found dead inside a Phoenix home after a shooting.

Phoenix police say officers arrived at the home Thursday and SWAT team members used a megaphone to communicate with a person inside.

Witnesses say they heard the sound of muted gunshots about an hour later.

Police say a woman called 911 before leaving the home and told officers it was a family dispute gone wrong.
ABC reports one person was able to escape the house and is "working with detectives to explain what happened."

Aaron Hernandez


Man Charged With Killing Wife in Donut Shop

Man Charged With Killing Wife in Donut Shop: http://youtu.be/verdcRtSNcg

The face you make when.....

She say she loves you after the first time smashing.

Mike Tyson Alleged in Federal Court to Have Ordered Hit On Brooklyn Drug Kingpin!

For those nostalgic for the gangsta rap wars of the 1990s, Biggie Smalls vs Tupac Shakur being the most famous, an ongoing court case in Brooklyn conjures up memories of such volatile times.

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson’s name has surfaced in a court case concerning Damion (World) Hardy, a real life character who might have played the part of the nihilistic underworld kingpin Marlo Stanfield in the cable series The Wire.

Reputed drug kingpin Hardy allegedly ruled over the Cash Money Brothers, a Brooklyn-based crew who ruled the borough’s drug scene from the late 1990s to 2004.

Tyson, also from Brooklyn, saw a close friend of his, Darryl Baum, who also served as Tyson’s security guard, shot down in a dispute with the Cash Money gang, allegedly over drugs.

In the Federal court case, it has been alleged that Tyson and Hardy both had hits taken out on each other over the death of Baum.

Tyson supposedly had a $50,000 bounty put on his head by the Cash Money crew, and the former heavyweight champion is alleged to have responded in kind, taking out a hit on “World” for the same amount of money.

There was disagreement in the Cash Money camp about “whacking” Tyson, claimed two of the gang’s henchmen in a Federal Court, because he was a Muslim, as was Hardy.

Allen “Boo” Bryant told the court that “World said, ‘I’m a Muslim and he (Tyson) put the money up.’”

Bryant added, “World was saying it (Tyson’s religion) didn’t matter.”

“If World would have called us, we would have did it.”

Another Cash Money crew member, Shelby “Moo” Henderson, “told the court he thought the idea of killing Tyson was wrong, but added that it would not have stopped the hit from taking place, saying it was a matter of ‘kill or be killed.'”

For his part, Tyson’s camp has previously claimed he put out no hit on Hardy, who at one time was engaged to rapper Lil’ Kim.

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